Friday, 16 Nov 2018
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Our history...

 Everything begin  in the 1978, when Andrew Vastola Senior bought the land on
top of the hill,
Cultivated in small part by vines and olive trees. 

In time  with the main experience of  the grandfather Antonio "Totonno" ,the
vineyards and olive areas grown , until the 2003 when Emilio and Andrew
realizing the idea and dream of their father built the farm as well as today
presents itself in the eyes of their guests.

Value added to the scenic beauty of the hill on which was founded Villa Vea,
is  the mastery  in the kitchen Angela and Grandma Grazia, in the kitchen 
where they creates original dishes with a unique union between tradition and


The scent of simple dishes...
The peace and quiet under the old trees...
The satisfaction that the hard work can give... all began one of many days Villa Vea